How to Wake up Refresh and Focus

How to Change Any HabitDo you feel Groggy, fatigue and de-energized in the morning? Have so much to do and find yourself unproductive during the 1st half of the day. Finding no energy to go for exercise this morning or feel drowsy in driving or used to hit the snooze button regularly. If this is not you, then please stop reading or continue if this resonates with you.

Have you ever think why this happen to you, why you feel so tired and groggy every morning after sleep. Do you use to say yourself that I am not a morning person and I cannot feel active in the first hour? Think again!

I always used to advise people that if you want the solution of something first identify and acknowledge the problem. So please acknowledge that this state of waking up is the problem and the problem is Sleep Inertia, in which a person feel groggy and dizzy after sleep from 15-30 minutes at least or up to 4 hours maximum and the cause of this is, when a person awake in the middle of REM (rapid eye movement) stage of his sleeping cycle. So you may be thinking what the REM stage is or what is sleeping cycle?

During Sleep, our mind goes through 5 stages of sleep cycle:0c064ce769051d6a68f29f5e1ee2d7f5

  1. Stage1: Falling Sleep
  2. Stage 2: Light Sleep
  3. Stage 3: Deep, Slow-wave
  4. Stage 4: Deep, Slow-wave
  5. Stage 5: Rapid Eye Movement –REM (Dreaming Stage).

Here we only discuss the 5th stage i.e. REM stage which consists of our 20-25% of our sleep cycle and if any person awake at this stage he would feel lethargic and lazy. In other words, if we awake not in the REM stage and close to 1st and 2nd stage of sleep cycle we will be fully awake with our 100x potential.

So all we need to understand our sleep cycle time which may range from 90-120 minutes but mostly people have 90 minutes sleeping cycle, so this means if you want to wake up by 5:00 AM with your 100x potential in the morning then you must sleep by 9:30 PM, 11:00 PM, or 12:30 AM with your 5, 4 or 3 complete sleep cycle. Below is the table for more clear illustration,
Assumption: Sleeping cycle of 90 minutes

Sleep Time Wake up Time Sleep Cycle completed
9:30 PM 5:00 AM 5
11:00 PM 5:00 AM 4
12:30 AM 5:00 AM 3


Visit, to calculate your sleep hours needed to awake refreshed and alert.

I hope this simple technique will help you to get full control over your morning and the day ahead.

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