Early to Bed Early to Rise in 21st Century


Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise“- Benjamin Franklin

The above-mentioned quote was applicable for centuries however now in this millennium there is so much change in the form of science and technology yet the structure of the body is still the same. Human earlier had two legs, two eyes, two hands and still they got all of these :). However, the change in the surrounding around us i.e. change in the science and technology has affected our way of life and our sleep.
Technology on one hand is the great source of information and learning, however, on the other hand, is also a great source of distraction like TV programs, tons of mobile application, social media etc. Therefore, mere above mentioned quote/formula is not applicable nowadays.
Let instance, if you want to go to bed by 10:30 pm, you will not be able to sleep right away, why? Because of our normal practice before going to sleep, we watch TV programs, use social media like Whatsapp, facebook, snap chat etc then definitely early to bed formula will not work. So in order for you to work this formula, the activities before sleeping should be different which should not include any of these. My practice, at least, 2 hours before sleep is shuffled around between all of these activities: Going to Gym, Reading Book, Spending time with Family & Friends, Journalling & looking back to my day.
This way I feel something has been accomplished and with this sense of achievement, I make my bed ready and turn on the Sleep cycle app for 4:30 a.m and woke up in that time easily.
Well earlier waking up was not easy, you can wake for one day or couple of days by early morning but not consistently. To wake up early you need the system like the one before going to sleep.
You first need to ask yourself why you really want to wake up earlier. This is the crucial question because if there is no purpose of waking up early then you will find no motivation to wake up before sunrise.
So first thing first, define your purpose or the goal that you want to achieve in early ours? It could be to lose weight, write a blog or book, learn some news skills, meditation or anything like. After that define your morning routine. My advice to you list down all the activities that can be done in early hours or what has been practiced by the successful people and work on all of these and see which set of activities in the morning routine best suit to you but all of the activities must revolve around your 1 or 2 activities that are important to you and which is also the reason behind you waking up early. Below is the list of morning routines activities practiced by a successful person.
• Meditation
• Reading
• Writing
• Technique of Affirmation
• Journaling
• Exercise
• Gratitude
Making up the bed.

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